The Best Outdoor TV in 2020

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Hot summers are perfect for an outdoor barbecue with friends and family. The only thing that could make relaxing outdoor moments better is a TV. But, you can’t bring your ordinary TV outdoors, expecting it to survive the elements.

Fortunately, the best outdoor TVs are created to withstand sun, rain, and even snow. Outdoor TVs are the best source of entertainment for your yard, swimming pool, restaurant, cafe, pagoda, and more.

Finding the best outdoor TV is not easy, but we’ve spent a lot of time researching outdoor TVs to help you choose the perfect one for your needs.

Now let’s take a close look at each of the best outdoor TVs that we’ve reviewed.

Mirage Vision G Series Outdoor LED HD TV 1

Mirage Vision G Series Outdoor LED HD TV

This gorgeous outdoor TV is the thinnest one you can find. It’s a retrofitted Samsung LED TV that allows you to enjoy football matches in the scorching heat, heavy rain, or snow.

It comes with two 10W internal speakers, but you have a choice to use any speakers you want. The Mirage Vision G gives you four HDMI ports, an RCA connector, a USB port, and even component connections. So, you can connect an antenna to it if you’re so inclined.

Mirage Vision G has an enhanced brightness that allows you to watch your favorite TV show no matter the outdoor light conditions. The best feature is that Vision G is 40% more energy efficient than other TVs, which is great if you don’t like high electricity bills. This thin outdoor TV offers 16.7 million colors, which will make any movie you watch vibrant and extremely enjoyable.

Unfortunately, you won’t be receiving HDR technology in this TV. Luckily, besides the steep price, there are no other downsides. If you want the best outdoor TV for your backyard or a cafe, Mirage Vision G might be a smart choice.

SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV 1

SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV

Veranda Outdoor TV might not be the most beautiful one, but it is capable of surviving a lot of damage. Powder-coated aluminum construction makes sure that water and dirt don’t get inside. This is the best outdoor TV for harsh weather conditions. It doesn’t let any dust inside, and you won’t see any insects making the inside of the TV their home.

This sturdy outdoor TV can operate in a wide range of temperatures. The anti-glare screen allows you to enjoy your favorite movies in 4K resolution, no matter the outdoor lighting conditions. SunBriteTV Veranda Outdoor TV allows you to enjoy sports in heavy sunlight due to the maximum brightness of 700 nits.

The TV comes with two HDMI ports, an RCA connector, VGA port, RF connector, USB port, and more. The best feature is the 60Hz refresh rate that makes the picture smooth and enjoyable. This outdoor TV comes with two 20W speakers, which is good enough if you don’t require an ear-shattering volume.

Unfortunately, viewing angles are not great; only those sitting in front of the TV will fully enjoy it. The color is oversaturated, and the 73ms lag is nothing to brag about.

If you need an affordable 4K outdoor TV, this one could be a good choice.

SunBriteTV Signature Series Outdoor TV

SunBriteTV Signature Series Outdoor TV

This outdoor TV is protected with a strong aluminum chassis that protects it from weather elements. It looks pretty neat due to glossy bezels. Signature Series outdoor TV is heavy; it weighs 68.5 pounds. Fortunately, it is well-protected from moisture and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

You can easily mount this outdoor TV to a wall, provided that someone lends a helping hand. The screen is protected with an anti-glare coating. If you want the best outdoor TV for bright sunlight, this one might be a smart choice. You will be able to enjoy MMA and other sports in 4K while relaxing in your backyard.

SunBriteTV Signature Series has two HDMI ports, an Ethernet port, two USB ports, coaxial connections, component and composite video inputs, and speaker output. Unfortunately, you won’t be receiving any speakers with this outdoor TV. A soundboard is sold separately, which only adds to an already steep price. The remote controller that you receive is lackluster, but at least it is waterproof.

Finally, if you need a 4K outdoor TV that can survive snow, dust, rain, and insects, then SunBriteTV Signature Series is worth thinking about.

SunBriteTV Pro Series Direct Sun TV

SunBriteTV Pro Series Direct Sun TV

If you need the best outdoor TV for direct sunlight that can survive rain, dust, insects, snow, and even salt, then this one might be what you need.

The screen is protected with tempered glass, which is awesome if you have children or lots of rowdy buddies. The heat-resistant screen has an anti-glare feature, which makes it great for outdoor viewing.

Plenty of LED screens are prone to the isotropic blackout that creates black splotches on the screen, but not this one! The Pro Series Direct Sun TV can handle extreme temperatures, and it shows a gorgeous 1080p picture.

It comes with plenty of necessary ports like two HDMI ports, RCA, USB port, component, and composite inputs. You even receive a digital SPDIF output, which is awesome if you enjoy digital audio. The SPDIF output is great if you don’t like the included 20W speaker bar.

It’s strange, to say the least, that this outdoor TV doesn’t support the 4K resolution. It is an expensive piece of hardware, so the lack of 4K resolution might be considered a big deal.

All in all, if you want an outdoor TV created for direct sunlight conditions, you should think about this one.

Evervue Cosmos 4K Ultra HD LED Outdoor TV

Evervue Cosmos 4K Ultra HD LED Outdoor TV

If you need a smart outdoor TV, then the Evervue Cosmos might spark your interest.

This is one of the best outdoor TVs with smart capabilities. It allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows in 4K while relaxing with a couple of tallboys outdoors.

The chassis is rugged and has a steel cladding that offers extra protection. This outdoor TV is secure from weather elements and is rust-proof. The climate-control system makes it operable in extreme temperatures.

Evervue Cosmos is not thin, and it weighs 80 pounds. It is a good choice for cafes and restaurants because it supports Kingston type locks. You don’t have to worry about it getting stolen.

This TV comes with only one HDMI port, a VGA connector, one USB port, RCA connector, and a 3.5mm audio output. This is not a smart TV per se, but a TV with a separate Android TV box. Evervue Cosmos supports the 4K resolution, but the Android TV box does not.

The picture quality is OK, and the brightness is good. The sound quality is nothing special, but you can connect your speakers. All in all, it is a sturdy outdoor TV with smart capabilities, and it works in harsh weather conditions.



This is a slim TV that isn’t created for outdoor conditions but can be used in a covered outdoor place. It is one of the best outdoor TVs for cafes and restaurants, provided that you keep it safe from weather elements.

LG C8 OLED is a 4K TV with excellent picture quality. If you mount it in a pagoda where there isn’t a lot of sunlight, you are gonna have a blast.

The response time is wonderful, which makes this TV excellent for enjoying sports. You receive four HDMI ports, three USB ports, and a digital optical audio output. So, if you don’t like the included 40W speakers, you can use something else.

This smart TV comes with an intuitive WebOS that helps you choose from many streaming services, run a web browser, and enjoy the Content Store. The best feature is that you can use the LG C8 OLED TV with Google Home and Amazon Echo AI speakers.

The biggest problem stems from the OLED technology. OLED TVs are notorious for problems with image retention. So, avoid using this model for an extremely long time.

If you need a slim TV with stunning picture quality, smart functionality, wide viewing angles, but you don’t mind the lack of weatherproofing, this one could be for you.

SkyVue NXG Full Sun TV

SkyVue NXG Full Sun TV

SkyVue NXG Full Sun is the best outdoor TV for full sunlight. You can purchase it in white, black, brown, slate gray, and sandstone colors. It has a bright anti-glare panel that helps it produce a crystal-clear picture in full sunlight.

This outdoor TV is a nice choice for your backyard or patio. The NXG Full Sun comes in an aluminum casing that helps against rain and snow. You can even install this TV next to a pool thanks to the IP55 waterproof rating.

The picture looks gorgeous in 1080p, but there is no 4K option. You receive HDMI and USB ports, a VGA input, and even a component input. Setting up the input port is tedious once you mount this TV, so bear that in mind.

You also receive the 3.5mm and SPDIF audio out, which is great because this TV comes without speakers. You can also go for the smart features, but you need to pay extra for a built-in Roku system. Another flaw is that this outdoor TV is only 32″ big, which might not suit everyone’s needs.

Finally, the SkyVue NXG Full Sun TV is awesome for full sunlight, albeit coming with a few niggles. If you don’t mind paying more for extra features, this outdoor TV will make your outdoor pool more entertaining.

Seura Storm Series Outdoor TV

Seura Storm Series Outdoor TV

Seura Storm Series Outdoor TV comes with a Triple-Lock Seal that protects it from insects, moisture, dust, and ice. This is the best outdoor TV for harsh weather conditions as it can survive a wide range of temperatures and humidity.

This outdoor TV boasts awesome viewing angles, and it comes with a great safety glass protecting the screen. Seura Storm Series has an intricate airflow system that reduces heat, and the IP65 weather rating makes it survive water splashes. Hanging this TV near a pool is an excellent idea for supreme summer fun.

The included 10W speakers aren’t bad, but the digital audio output allows you to use your speakers if you’re so inclined. You receive three HDMI inputs, a VGA input, coaxial, composite and component inputs, and a USB port.

High TNI panels in the screen protect from isotropic blackout, which makes this outdoor TV awesome for direct sunlight. We don’t like the lack of 4K resolution. Fortunately, the 1080p resolution looks great, and you can adjust the image quality to your liking.

If you don’t mind the fact that this outdoor TV is heavy, then you will enjoy everything else it has to offer.

Vizio P Series Quantum

Vizio P Series Quantum

Vizio P Series Quantum boasts quantum dots that are responsible for showing the best and brightest picture. Unfortunately, this is not a TV created for outdoor use, but it can be used outdoors if protected.

This is one of the thinnest TVs we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. Being only 2″ thin makes it a perfect fit for modern restaurants and cafes. Make sure that you protect it from the sun and the rain!

The image quality is astonishing. Watching movies in 4K is an unforgettable experience thanks to the sharp picture and vivid colors. Unfortunately, the viewing angles are awful.

You receive in-built 10W speakers, but the inclusion of analog and SPDIF digital out allows you to connect your speakers. You also get five HDMI inputs, an Ethernet port, component input, and a USB port.

We love that this TV is smart and has an extremely low input lag. If you want to relax playing a video game in your cafe, the Vizio P Series Quantum is a good choice.

All in all, if you need a TV that can be used outdoors if you provide it protection, then you should think about this one.